Thursday, September 1, 2011

Automated Bicycle Counting

The standard for loop detection in the City of Portland is to be inclusive of traffic in the bicycle lane. Detection is used to provide information to the signal controller in advance of the stop bar. The secondary purpose of the inductive loops is data collection if the equipment is set up properly. This is one of our most recent examples that we have put in for this purpose. The detectors must be wired independently to insure counts are applicable and can be measured. This wasn't historically the City's practice, so where we are doing replacements, we're spending a little extra time while there investing in the setup that will provide information that we can use to monitor the system. We've done this now at several locations and are mapping the locations using Google Maps.
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UPDATE: I have uploaded the research paper that describes our work as of August 2011 to this. Here is the documentation and some actual measurements based on the research from Portland State University students.

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